, U.Va.

In the Shadow of Stalin - The Patterson Family in Painting and Film

08/23/2013 to 12/22/2013
Curated by Jennifer Farrell, Curator of Exhibitions and Contemporary Art

In 1932, the theater designer Lloyd Walton Patterson (b. Bronx, New York 1910 � d. Moscow 1942) went to the Soviet Union with Langston Hughes and several other African American artists and intellectuals to make a film, Black and White, sanctioned by the communist government about racism in the United States. Though the film was never made, Patterson stayed in the USSR, marrying the artist Vera Aralova with whom he had three children. While Patterson never achieved fame as an artist, his son, James Lloydovich Patterson, was celebrated for his role in director Grigori Aleksandrov's popular 1936 film Circus and later achieved recognition for his poetry.

This exhibition�composed of painting, film, posters, and archival materials� will examine the Patterson family's history in order to engage larger issues, such as the remarkable journey made by these artists and intellectuals and artistic production under Stalin.

The Fralin Museum of Art's programming is made possible by the generous support of The Joseph and Robert Cornell Memorial Foundation.

The exhibition is made possible through the generous support of Arts$, Albemarle Magazine, and Ivy Publications LLC's Charlottesville Welcome Book.

Fall 2013