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Upcoming Exhibitions

Dealer's Choice: The Samuel Kootz Gallery 1945–1966

August 25, 2017 to December 17, 2017

Dealer's Choice: The Samuel Kootz Gallery 1945–1966 will be the first exhibition that examines the critical role Kootz (1898–1982) played in establishing modern American art as an international force. Kootz’s New York gallery (operational 1945–1966) was instrumental in launching the... Read more

The Fralin Museum of Art’s programming is generously supported by The Joseph and Robert Cornell Memorial Foundation. The exhibition and catalogue have thus far been made possible by generous gifts from The Jefferson Trust, an initiative of the UVA Alumni Association; the UVA Arts Council: Enriching the Arts on Grounds; Carol Angle; and Dr. Joyce Lowinson Kootz.

We would also like to thank our in-kind donors: WTJU 91.1 FM and Ivy Publications LLC’s Charlottesville Welcome Book.