The Little Museum of Art


The Little Museum of Art

The Little Museum of Art will reopen on April 26 at Final Friday with our third annual Student Exhibition.

Launched in the summer of 2021, The Fralin’s Little Museum of Art was inspired by a desire to engage with the community during the museum’s closure and provide an opportunity to highlight the artwork of local and student artists. This miniature museum consists of six galleries, each measuring approximately one foot square, and showcases tiny works on a rotating basis.  At the close of each exhibition, the artwork is moved to the Free Little Museum Store. In the spirit of the Free Little Libraries, the public can take a piece or swap with one of their own, sharing art throughout the community. The Little Museum of Art and the Little Museum Store are located outside on the Cornell Plaza and are on view 24 hours a day.

For more information contact Lisa Jevack.  


Apply here. Application deadline is April 17.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the artwork need to be smaller than the indicated specifications?

The Little Museum of Art is literally a miniature display—imagine a dollhouse version of a museum—divided into six separate areas that are each approximately 1 square foot. The walls measure approximately 12”x12”, which means we can only display small-scale artwork that fits within the stated parameters.

The artist application states that “artwork will become the property of The Fralin Museum of Art”. Will you please explain what this means?

Upon the closing of each Little Museum exhibition, the artwork gets placed into another miniature display box near the Little Museum where it is available to the public, and we encourage those who partake to take and leave a piece of art. This aspect of the program was inspired by the Free Little Library movement.  Because we are asking artists to hand over their work to us, they are compensated with a stipend. How much is the stipend that artists receive? Artists are typically compensated per piece, and that information is provided upon completion of the application. For more specific information on current stipend amounts, please contact Lisa Jevack at [email protected].

If I want to submit my artwork for consideration, does it need to be matted and framed?

Artwork needs to be ready-to-hang. That can mean framed, however we do not recommend matting or professional framing. The best type of frames are inexpensive, lightweight plastic frames typically found at craft or discount stores.

I just can’t visualize what the Little Museum is!

Then we encourage you to stop by and visit! The great thing about the Little Museum, is that it is always open and available to view, outside on our front plaza.

Photos: Coe Sweet

displays showing a small replica of the museum
The Little Museum of Art