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Family Art JAMs

Man and girl working on a silk screen

These popular programs combine age-appropriate tours with hands-on art activities that make the museum's exhibitions accessible to children. The introduction of new art materials and techniques challenges children to think in new ways, and interactive tours help them develop the confidence to talk about art.

By asking parents or other adult family members to serve as assistants, models, and collaborators, Family Art JAMs create an enriching experience for the whole family.

Family Art JAMs are held approximately once each month. Reservations are required; drop-ins are permitted only if space is available. Family Art JAMs are offered at the following times:

1–3 pm: 5–7 year olds and their grownups

3–5 pm: 8–12 year olds and their grownups

Registration required. To register for any of these Family Art JAMS, please email > or call 434.243.2050

Thanks to our generous supporters, Family Art JAMs are now free!


Upcoming programs:

February 15 | Wire Figures

After discussion of small wire sculptures of cowboys by Aboriginal Australian artist Johnny Perrurle Young, we’ll use wire and paper mache to construct animal and human figures.

March 21 | Pattern & Place

We’ll tour the exhibition of memorial poles by Aboriginal Australian artists, and develop abstract patterns to represent our neighborhoods.

April 18 | Details coming soon!

May 9 | Details coming soon!