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The Fralin Student Engagement Council

Entering its third year, the Student Engagement Council (SEC) of The Fralin Museum of Art is dedicated to deepening and diversifying University student engagement with the Museum. The  SEC works directly with Museum staff to design, implement, and market opportunities that broaden The Fralin's student constituency and amplify its visibility on Grounds.

The Fralin seeks creative, committed, professional, action-oriented students with skills in marketing, public relations, content development, outreach, event planning, and graphic design, who are passionate about the Museum and its potential to enrich the lives of UVA students.

For more information about the SEC’s mission and membership requirements, questions should be directed to Fralin SEC.

New Initiatives for 2017-18

Kootz Exhibition Awareness Campaign – Samuel Kootz (1921 Law) introduced Americans to mid-century modern art at his NYC gallery from 1945-1966, and his efforts and career were heavily influenced by his experiences on Grounds. To raise awareness of The Fralin’s exhibition of the artists Kootz represented, the SEC and Fralin Student Docents have planned a “Have You Seen Kootz?”campaign, and will wear Kootz-inspired t-shirts and buttons to promote the exhibition across Grounds, while engaging others via social media. SEC members also painted Beta Bridge on September 28th.

Living Art Project – Using works of art on display from the Museum’s permanent collection, blown up images of the works will be mounted on free standing structures with cut-outs of the faces within the works. Students will be able to “insert” their faces into the cut outs and share on social media, making the art “come alive” in dynamic and engaging ways. These portable displays will add to the overall programming for the October 27, 2017 Final Friday at The Fralin, and will subsequently be available to travel across Grounds to raise awareness of the Museum at other events.

#FollowFralin Social Media & Public Awareness Campaign – In conjunction with a local artist/arts educator, the SEC will host hands-on workshops to create life-sized bull rhytons (art object on display from the Museum’s permanent collection) as mascots for the Museum that will be “followed” across Grounds and the community. Using the hashtag #FollowFralin, SEC members will craft a social media campaign to generate buzz about the Museum. From power washing hoof prints on the sidewalks leading to the Museum to Instagramming pictures of “Fralin” at events, this creative initiative will spread the word about the Museum in a fun, engaging way.

Thank you to the UVA Parents Fund for their support of the “Have You Seen Kootz?” Campaign and the Living Art Project!